Transcriptome Viewer

Welcome to our Transcriptome Viewer. First, enter the HGNC gene symbol of a human gene you want to explore. The list of known transcripts and associated protein domains for this gene will be display below. You can use the menu on the left to zoom (in: / out: ) and pane (left: / right: ) or reset the view (). You can invert the strand of the viewer () or apply various filters (). When clicking on one exon, you can obtain various information about the exon and its transcript: coordinates, length, sequence... The exons tagged by a green dot (), are in frame (length is multiple of three). You can preview which transcript(s) will be affected by the skip of one exon using our AONs. Simply right-click on an exon and it will be marked as skipped (available only if the exon is fully coding). Note that the overlapping exons could also be affected (off-target). The selected exon is added to your cart (). From there, you can send us an Enquiry to order the corresponding AON(s). Do not hesitate to Contact Us if you need help.